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Mop Toppers™ – Stan the Phone Stand – TECH-STAN

Color:  Green
Price:  $2.50

Color:  Orange
Price:  $2.50

Color:  Red
Price:  $2.50

Color:  Yellow
Price:  $2.50

Color:  Assorted-16-pieces-pack
Price:  $28.80

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Mop Toppers™

“Stan the Phone Stand”

Two thumbs up for Stan the Phone Stand! This unique little guy not only holds your phone to free-up the use of your hands, but it also has screen cleaner “hair” mop-top. Double bonus – give Stan a squeeze as a stress reliever and watch his eyes bulge out. Four colors in eye-catching counter display. Let Stan give you a hand!

  • Feelin’ Sterssed? Give Stan a Squeeze!
  • Hands-free Phone Holder
  • Vibrant Colors 4/4 assortment
  • Buy 16 pieces/pack for $28.8/one piece for $1.80
  • Buy single unit for $2.50