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Urban Energy Boulevard Crossbody Bag UEBLV-U24

Color:  Black
Price:  $7.75

Color:  Blue
Price:  $7.75

Color:  Ivory
Price:  $7.75

Color:  Pink
Price:  $7.75

Color:  Sage
Price:  $7.75

Color:  Assorted-24-pc-pk
Price:  $162.00

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Urban Energy

Boulevard Crossbody Bag

Walk on the style side in this matte finish faux leather crossbody bag. Sliding adjustable strap with two zippered compartments and open side pouch for smartphones or other slim objects. Five colors in all. Great for all seasons!

  • Buy individually by color for $7.75 each
  • Buy 24 pc-pack, assorted colors for $162.00, unit cost $6.75, you save $24.00
  • Matte Faux Leather Look
  • 9″ x 7″ x 1″