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Women’s Hipsters – Two Left Feet® Underwear Women’s Hipsters – UNW-U64 – Diamonds




Two Left Feet® Underwear 

 Women’s Hipsters

“When your socks and underwear match – you can take on the world!” ~ Skivvy Skinner

Keep your cheeks in check! Super soft undies to match the sock designs and coordinate all your underthings. Two Left Feet is a unique collection of high-quality materials with quirky style and a good dose of humor. The assortment comes with 8 unique styles in four women’s hipster-style sizes (XS, S, M, L). Low-rise cut with comfort waistband and two-layer liner. Cushi for your tushi!

  • 8 Styles in 4 Sizes
  • Coordinate socks & undies
  • Comfort-cut with liner
  • Cushi for your tushi!
  • 64pc/pk-$288   Single Unit Cost $4.50
  • Buy one piece for $5.50